Want to hear a success story of Hrastnik Glassworks Company? Manging Director Andrej Božič presented it at the conference before the story takes place. Want to hear how Development Director at Philips thinks? Miloš Ebner did this at the conference before he performed this position. What about this year? The same. Always one step ahead!

Primož Mihelič, conferences participant

Business Breakfast for chairmen, board members and executives

marc smallManaging Cuts & New Growth: How to grow your business through strategic innovation

In turbulent times it is necessary to make hard cuts to downsize, while at the same time promoting new growth opportunities


Key note & "Inspiration Showers" Workshop

This is Business Model Innovation™: A deep dive into the process and tools of business model innovation.

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business?

This session provides an overview of the capabilities necessary to create new growth opportunities through the design of innovative business models.


Event location

June 6. 2013

Dvor Jezeršek

Zgornji Brnik (see on map)


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