Poslovni zajtrk z Marcom         8:30 - 10:00

Poslovni zajtrk za CEO in člane uprav

Managing Cuts & New Growth: How to grow your business through strategic innovation.

In turbulent times it is necessary to make hard cuts to downsize, become more efficient and lower cost, while at the same time promoting innovation and new growth opportunities. The "Un:balanced Transformation" approach provides managers and entrepreneurs with essential models and instruments for:

  • effectively steering strategies with seemingly contradictory targets and dynamics
  • implementing cuts, while at the same time
  • encouraging new growth and strategic innovation.

You will have the opportunity to learn about a new approach to strategy. Drawing on concepts of business model innovation, breakthrough strategy, Blue Ocean Strategy and disruptive innovation, we will have a look at a comprehensive framework for thinking about how to find new growth opportunities for your business.

What you'll take back home:

  • A tool for accessing the change need and capabilities of your organization.
  • A fresh look at strategy, approaches to strategy and business model innovation.
  • A framework for thinking about new growth opportunities.
  • Ideas on how to get started in your organization.

Program poslovnega zajtrka

Poslovni zajtrk bo namenjen izključno povabljenim predsednikom in članom uprav ter direktorjem. Imelbo naslednji program:

  • 8:30 zajtrk
  • 9:00 predavanje  Managing Cuts & New Growth: How to grow your business through strategic innovation
  • 10:00 – 10:45 možnost poslovnih sestankov z Marc-om ali CEO med seboj

Poslovni zajtrk bo ločen dogodek pred konferenco, ki se začne ob 11:00.

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