»Pomen inoviranja za rast podjetij in obvladovanje stroškov«

Delavnica z Marcom        13:30 - 16:30

Delavnica "Inspiration Showers"

This is Business Model Innovation™: A deep dive into the process and tools of business model innovation.

Are you looking for new ways to grow your business?

This session provides an overview of the capabilities necessary to create new growth opportunities through the design of innovative business models.

In this practical, hands-on session you will be introduced to the key concepts, tools and processes to successfully design and implement innovative business models to create new growth and competitive advantage for your organization.

This workshop session builds on the morning speech, provides more details on the topics and gives you the opportunity to practice some of the tools. We will especially focus on the process of business model design and innovation in detail.

What you'll take back home:

  • Practical ways to describe your business model
  • A detailed description of your business model
  • Ideas for business model innovations
  • A detailed process for designing and implementing innovative business models
  • A set of tools for the various stages of discovering opportunities for innovation and developing ideas for seizing them
  • First ideas on how to get started in your company.

Delavnico bo vodil Marc Sniukas.

Vaša prisotnost na tej delavnici zahteva ločeno prijavo ali pa skupno prijavo delavnica + konferenca, več o tem na strani kotizacij in prijave.

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