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Advanced Business Approaches

: Aleš Štempihar
: 22.5.2019
: 20 min
: Slovenščina / Slovenian

Measuring the digital maturity of customers against the digital maturity of companies targeting these same customers all too often reveals a wide gap between consumer expectations and what companies are actually able to provide. Consumers that value the products and services of a digital economy have come to live increasingly digital lives. It follows that they have a growing appreciation for products and services that are digital. To meet this growing demand and achieve a broader customer base, it is imperative that digital business lie at the heart of an effective business operations strategy.

Without this focus, a company along with its business model is likely to find itself outdated - incapable of providing the quality and value experience consumers have come to expect. But digital business does not happen in and of itself – to meet growing consumer demands while staying relevant in today's digital trend, companies must systematically integrate an effective digital strategy within an overarching business plan.

In his presentation, Aleš will introduce the Digital Wake-up Manifesto with key guidelines for successful business operations in a digital economy. He will follow up with an example of a business model that provides an effective framework for the successful implementation of digital projects with a focus on realizing customer value teamed with organizational success. The 'New Digital Project Framework' model presents both a starting point and upgrade for newer (agile) as well as classic business project methodologies with a focus on the importance of projects in realizing a digital strategy.


Ales 2017Aleš Štempihar, Digital Strategist, Digital Business Model Innovation
If you find yourself exploring the foundations of digital business, visualizing the future of a company through digital transformation lenses, look no further than Ales. As a Digital Strategist, Ales assists companies in developing effective digital strategies as well as developing a road-map for their realization. As an innovator, Ales develops new business models. As the head of Digital42, Ales has been integrating concept and methodology with digital project realization since 2016.

Aleš holds an international certificate in digital business transformation (CXO Digital Business Transformation Management) and works in the area of Digital Strategy within the framework of the International Business Institute (IIBA). Ales was a key initiator in the founding of the Digital Innovation Hub Slovenia.

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