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Next Generation Business Competencies

Keynote: Next generation business competencies for a new business context


Future is here and it's now. And the new future is coming after.  Companies like Zappos, Amazon, Google, Apple are showing the way to it. What's the secret? It's not hidden, it is actually easy to see. Great companies align with emerging trends, take more risks, fail fast and learn, they build internal cultures and teams that are able to work with new complexities and dynamic change. What they do different? How can we help our companies to be like them.

We will introduce a new holistic wheel of 24 core competencies for next generation business. These competencies are the must-have skills for everyone that works within a new business context. Each of us need to open up new paths of opportunity, new areas of research, ways to prototype and test ideas, quick validation, so that the enterprise has momentum for innovation and value creation. We also use our soft skills and leadership competencies to build high commitment and trust in cooperative and co-creative teams. This is the future, and it is now. Would you like to hear more about these and other next generation business competencies. Join us. Join us into the new future. Because it is closer than you maybe think.

Keynote Workshops:

Deep dive into the new competencies

Participants will align with have a chance to quickly self-evaluate their own competencies using the new wheel, and then to join in small discussion groups with their peers to explore them further. Kupe and Curtis will facilitate a lean coffee style approach for each breakout group and then offer a closing session to bring all the information together, and to spark some new conversations over lunch.


Curtis Michelson, Minds Alert, llc

Curtis MichelsonFounder and principal of the Orlando-based consulting studio Minds Alert. Minds Alert facilitates strategic conversations with clients in publishing, media and academia to envision new products, services and business models aligned with emerging trends. As a global speaker and trainer, Curtis covers topics related to strategic innovation approaches, new business competencies, agile transformation, business modeling and enterprise design. As an Agile Coach & Certified facilitator through Agile Transformation he helps teams engage in critical organizational conversations that are challenged or blocked.

Kupe Kupersmith, KupeTalks and the Atlanta Engagement Director

kupe kupersmith Kupe Kupersmith is quested speaker and workshop facilitator for conferences all over the world. As a trained improvisational comedian, Kupe is sure to make you laugh even with business subject. For the past 20 years Kupe has been helping organizations achieve business value with an Improv advantage. Kupe serves as a mentor for business professionals and he has excellent success in building and maintaining relationships at all levels of the organization. Kupe’s main objective is to help you connect, collaborate, and be ready for the future. 


Curtis & Kupe are co-authors of the NextGen Business competency wheel.

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