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How to Rapidly Design New Ways to Achieve Business Objectives using Business Capability Models

  Louise A. Harris, CMC, SToS Consulting Inc  13:00 - 15:15

Louise A HarrisEnterprise Architecture is all about designing and implementing new ways of achieving business objectives which enable an organization to reach its strategic goals. One of the key Enterprise Architecture tools used for this purpose is the Business Capability Landscape. Building on the morning's presentation, this workshop will provide you with the opportunity to learn how to use the Business Capability Landscape to quickly identify what successful business capabilities look like and what needs to happen to implement them. Through hands on exercises you will learn how to use this tool to quickly

  • Define the ideal business capability which implements the business objectives
  • Determine the way to achieve the business objectives in terms of people, process, information and technology
  • Map the path to realize the business objectives