Napredni Poslovni Pristopi 2019

: Pardeep Dhanda
: 20.5.2019
: 5 h [11:30 - 16:30]
: Angleščina / English
Pardeep Dhanda

Pardeep will use his unique teaching style and use of innovative teaching methods to create an impactful learning experience. Attendees will be introduced to an epic story of survival told through a variety of medium including, animation, music and presentations. Allow yourselves to step into the shoes of the lead characters and utilise all of your Agile skills to overcome the challenges that face you.

: Michael Lachapelle
: 20.5.2019
: 3 h [9:30 - 12:30]
: Angleščina / English
Michael Lachapelle

Mobius Outcome Delivery (MOD) is an open-source structure to identify what creates value for the business and the customer, then help you to deliver it ensuring an alignment between strategic intent and delivered value. MOD has a unifying structure of three parts:

: Andi Roberts
: 22.5.2019
: 2 h [13:30 - 16:30]
: Angleščina / English
Andi Roberts

In this workshop Andi Roberts will explore the use of visuals to support strategy development and more importantly execution. The session will explore-in depth how canvasses can be used to gain greater employee engagement to support strategy execution and enable participants to work through a number of different canvasses.

: Miikka Leinonen
: 22.5.2019
: 3 h [13:30 - 16:30]
: Angleščina / English
Miikka Leinonen

To whom:

Service Charger is intended for companies looking for ways to move from product and production-centric mindset to services business models.
(Best suited for B2B companies)

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