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Drive Business Growth

The Secret to Connecting your Business and Strategies

  Louise A. Harris, CMC, SToS Consulting Inc  8:30 - 10:30

Now, more than ever, as the pace of change rapidly increases, organizations are experiencing a critical need for a business, digital and IT strategy that is cohesive and agile. Yet, many are struggling with silo's thinking and disconnected strategy development.  There are, however, those who have mastered the art and science of developing integrated and viable strategies.

Their secret can be distilled down to three critical components of strategy development - Mindset, Method and Means which correspond directly to the three pillars of Enterprise Architecture - Motivation, Capability and Resources. Join Louise Harris as she presents examples of these highly successful companies and how they have implemented these 3 critical components  to successfully connect business, digital and IT strategies to drive business growth. 

Speaker's BIO

Louise A HarrisLouise A. Harris is an internationally recognized expert in strategic business change and enterprise architecture. She specializes in helping organizations apply the optimum approach and tools to determine and successfully implement business renewal and transformation. Louise is a regular speaker and workshop leader at business and enterprise design conferences in North America and Europe on the topic of planning and designing effective business change.

Louise has a strong track record of building collaborative partnerships at the executive and management levels within organizations and across multi-party enterprises. She is skilled at facilitating diverse groups, helping them reach consensus and articulate their shared vision, objectives, and governance, and enabling them to cooperatively develop cohesive and  viable business,  digital and IT strategies and implementation plans.

In her 25+ year career Louise has worked with public sector and organizations private of all sizes across Canada including Qualiware, TNT Global, Group zed, Blue Cross, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, CIBC, Government of British Columbia.  Louise and her partner incorporated their independent firm, STOS Inc., in 1998 with a passion is to provide a combination of consulting, training and coaching services to enable organizations to equip and transform themselves to leverage their rapidly changing environments and achieve their mission and goals.

Louise has a strong commitment to establishing ethics and accountability in the management consulting profession. She is currently Treasurer of the Institute of Certified Management Consultants in Atlantic Canada and is pioneering the development of a certificate in Strategic Change Design.

Louise A Harris, CMC
SToS Consulting Inc


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Bojan Brank

Bojan ima obsežne izkušnje iz vodenja ter upravljanja gospodarskih družb. Vodil je slovensko izpostavo logistične multinacionalke DHL in bil predsednik uprave Luke Koper.  Deloval je v nadzornih svetih večjih slovenskih podjetij – trenutno predseduje NS Slovenskih železnic.  Je predsednik Nadzornega odbora Slovenskega coaching združenja in podpredsednik Lion kluba Ljubljana Iliria. Oče dveh osnovnošolk in nosilec črnega pasu iz tradicionalnega Shotokan karateja.

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